"Vibrations" lyrics - HELIUM


Vibrations everyday
In the dark you feel okay
Do you see the outline in the sky
Do you think the planets will collide?

Pretty baby watch the cold wind blow
He had a heart made out of snow
That will dissolve as the flowers alive
One, two, three, four, five

Have they fit you in their dark disguise
The necklace of thirty eyes
Tell me why the sky is full of birds
What is coming, have you heard?

I saw you turn into a butterfly
His heart was smiled and a star in the sky
It disappeared when it started to snow
I thought I told it's time for me to go

Well we looked beyond the farthest wave
The water is the darkest grave
Can you see beyond the farther sign
To the prophets as they wait in line

Sailing under Scorpio in the sky
I watch for you with my eye
But if the stars are something you can't find
I already told you, you can call me anytime