"Get It" lyrics - J. COLE

"Get It"

I got to get my groove back, you know
Been a minute
Yeah (I don't know what I'm doin')

Label me greedy but see me finish what petey started
From carolina where nigg's spray like graffiti artist
The south nigg them nigg use to think we retarded
And slow as hell but well well
Look now we regarded as the nigg's
I fuck with non-rappin' nigg's, non-clappin nigg's
Nigg's is real, y'all action figures
Ain't into actin' bigger than I really am
Ain't no two ways around it, motherfucka I'm the man
Where the beef at
Back in the days I ain't even go out for recess
A nigg don't play
Man I been livin' o.k.
Been up in queens where they rid of those foes
And nigg's gats got bodies like video hoes
This J. COLE
You not fuckin' with just any ol' flow
I'm like the '95 penny, you like penny '04
No disrespect to my favorite player, niggas pray a nigg
Never see the day a nigg rich so I'm slayin nigg's

This is for my nigg's tryna make it
Watch out for them evil ass nigg's tryna take it (uh)
They love to see a nigg dead or in jail
Livin' in a world where we set up to fail
But, Ima get, nigga I'm finna get it (uh)
Ima get it, nigga I'm finna get it (yeah)
Ima get it, nigga I'm finna get it (yeah)
Ima get it (yeah), nigga I got to get it

Niggas in the street know
Nigga blessed peace, I got that preist flow (Heavenly)
You gon' crossover if he reach for the rock
Just a figure of speech for the glock
From the ville where the police know the heat blow alot

Like a beach, know it's hot niggas laid out
Call them fake niggs center fielders 'cause they played out
Watch our boys fade out
Niggas tryna hate
I he only knew my dick in his dane mouth
Just made out
Came out the woodworks
Now they tryna peep a nigga footwork
I'm getin real green, y'all niggs playin' on some good turf
Fake money, scared money never make money
And a nigga fear nothin' but god
Fuck a facade
I'm just focused on stuff in my pocket
What up with them wads and shit
Hundred thousand dollar deposit shit
Been dreamin' bout millions since a nigga was 5 or 6
And so strive, ima god, this some bible shit

Tell 'em geppetos my niggas is ghetto with scarface dreams
At the block with that hard rate, that's all they seen
Niggas killin' niggas on broad day on all they screams
Watching cops love car chase scened
Niggas arrested
Treat us like roaches, the prison niggas infected
They hate to see the day we ain't slain, niggas invested
All created equal, looks like to a less than
Depending on your race or depending on your address man
I been blessed, was given less and but still progress man
I hate to see the position my niggas left in
Slay dope or nigga you slave for minimum wage
But we livin' in a cage, so nigga get paid
How could I tell a nigga not to hustle
Yeah it's a better life my nigga, but it's not for us though
Instead they wanted us to break
They never wanted us to make it yeah
To my niggas smart enough to be smart enough to take it