"Intro (The Come Up)" lyrics - J. COLE

"Intro (The Come Up)"
(Jermaine Cole)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the story of a young man who left everyone and everything he loved to chase his dream. A lil' nigga from North Carolina, Fayetnam to be exact. Packed up all his shit and moved to the big city of dreams, where he ain't know a motherfuckin' soul, and he ain't have a motherfuckin' thing, just a dollar and a dream.
This mixtape is provided partly in part by, Dreamville Records. Straight out the Ville where anything's possible. All-terrain music, that's Carolina's finest boy. And by any means, when ain't shit handed to you, you gotta take it. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen I proudly present to you, J. Cole, The Come Up.