"I'm The Man" lyrics - J. COLE

"I'm The Man"

He gonna have the nerve to fucking tell me niggas from the south can't spit?,
Bitch I'll smack your dumb ass (Fayettenam what up? Carolina what up?)
Stupid ass mother fuckers (New York, what up? Queens)
Imma quit talking shit and about show y'all
I told y'all niggas that I'm getting my bread and going home
Imma show you all stupid ass motherfuckers (Coming soon, nigga)
Dumb ass niggas
The heir to the throne
South nigga bred to the bone
But haters say he fled from his home (please),

Now picture that, I was 18 with million dollar dreams (yeah),
Moved to Jamaica Queens, like Prince Akim,
But ain't looking for no queen, (nah)
Came to get my c.r.e.a.m. (yup),
City on my back, I just lift my wings, I'm fly
You niggas on my dick, while I
Thought them niggas from the south couldn't spit, viol