"Beej-N-Dem Pt. 2" lyrics - J DILLA

"Beej-N-Dem Pt. 2"
feat. Beej

Off the wall
Off the wall
Off the wall

Nigga I peeped your persona
I'm not impressed
An anthem that was stepping wit his [?] clone candidates
Our mission is wit bass soul music to use it
Jay Dee perfect the snare
Droppin dark from the beats
So I can spit the bullets that I'm
Now the puzzles complete
While you screamin hot wobbly wobbly
Screamin yes
While the lyrical slug go through a thug nigga's chest
All due respect let's balance it out
'Cause the negativity is really stressing me out
In a house or a crib
Ridin in a hoopty
Your getting upset
No game, no coochie
I once was like you but a car don't make the man
What makes the man is his game plan
If you don't have a plan then you sinkin in the sand
Look back one minute later all I saw was your hand
In your hand was a grand so I took it and ran
Drop the LP and dedicate it to you my man
Tilly Mos call me BJ Ski
Represent the glove from above
Not down below like a ho
Let a ho be a ho
I know everybody gonna give love to the Mo
Yo we never left we just kept it on the low low
Low low like the wizard in Mo Joe
Let me let the chorus flow then you hear the blow

(Jay Dee)
Make me wanna sing to it Ha
Keep fuckin around Ah
Oh You know you fuckin around Uh
You think you fuckin around with this
Ohh oh Ohh oh Ohh oh

Huh? What? Who got dough? Let me see it
Dilla show you how to MC it
Beats bang the fuck out the MP kid
Pop shit we got clips and we empty it
Y'all will agree its simply the truth
We keep niggas in line like simply do
And the envious hater they wastin my time
If you not in my face then you not on my mind
They wanna hate Jay 'cause Jay done got on the shine
See they don't this nigga Jay done got on the grind
Got a lot on the mind and bout to let it all out
Don't wanna see me ball out
But come down to the D baby
We can bounce to the key and the city
Hit the VIP wit a fifty for a head shot in the head
Not bad at all
Show you how a player do it
It'll take Jay to do it
Next year grammys niggas wearing gators to it
Fuck it stupid and y'all made us do this
Who this click I'm rollin wit we holdin it down Hey
It's the Theloneus
We owning it now
Now now now now now

Uh yeah
Fuckin around