"It's Like That" lyrics - J DILLA

"It's Like That"
feat. Hodge Podge (Big Tone) & Lacks (Ta'Raach)

[Hodge Podge - Big Tone]
Know what I mean
Big Tone, Ta'Raach, Jay Dee

I'm a let y'all niggas pop the coochie
'Cause you pussy
Plus this.45 bustin a back that ass up like Juve
Sophisticated bourgeois niggas with bad habits
And if you don't like it
You can get it
And stick it where the sun don't glissin
Niggas is critics and some don't listen
I told y'all
Persevering through all of this bullshit
And life is
A black six and a hood rat
Catching a contact
Plus the Hennessey
Get my brains blown out like John Kennedy
Remember me
Split a nigga ear to cheek within the beat
Best kept secret
Got some shit fixin to hit the street
Y'all niggas ain't even a issue
So real that a bleed through the pencil
It's like that

[Lacks - Ta'Raach]
I need a day off the scene
'Cause y'all gay muthafuckas is mean
I'm seen buyin beats of this nigga
That's like the end of my career
I tell a nigga like fuzz
Man fuck that
I'm tryin to have these bitches like
You see me I touch Lacks
Give niggas pounds like
See me I touch Lacks
Plus tracks
Bangin out the back of the range
Respect my gun and
I speak with a double barrel slang in
Unison with this music in the back of my brain
Rockin straw hats and Pradas
Com be eatin on McDonalds
But I know the time
It's time to get you up a bottle
Some shit that's hard to swallow
You ain't even a issue
I'm so real
A nigga ain't got to dis you

[J Dilla]
It's like that uh
Turn it up baby
It's like that
It's like that
It's like that
Turn it up
Turn it up baby
Feel it

[Lacks - Ta'Raach]
I got a new respect for half ass rappers and wack producers
There's something about pure talent that attracts the useless
But drains the pure talent juices
That's detrimental to the rootless
That drink artificially flavored sodas
Biggie goes like compensate smalls frames like Yodas
America made to break down like dollar store purchases
But so called real niggas turn to catholic services
You know perpin is you, don't hate me
I play hooky from new schools and teach about the old
Where rap cats is cold like Michigan weather
Sportin Fubu gear pushin timberland leather
Through city blocks with scriptures that blast
And turn muthafuckas into father figures
Y'all niggas better recognize
Ain't shit jumpin off unless Ta'Raach authorize
Tell a nigga like this
Make like Dwele and rise
'Cause B.C. and everything we make is fly

[Hodge Podge - Big Tone]
I got a lot of shining to do
And when I drop I'm a redefine hot
See y'all niggas got a lot of rhyming to do
I'm tryin to get a spot with a view
A tan six and a watch band with a diamond or two
Understand it
Granted I'm a bust til I can breathe
And every chicken alive got my cover a vibe next to Usher and Jay Z
The Montana way
Crashin Caboray
Glass of 'Zay cradled
Link swingin past my navel
Cocky enough to captivate you
You all consumed
Just smell the aeric that's in the air when I walk in the room
Recognize with G Quest and press on
And if it ain't dawn
Y'all niggas still pawns on the chess board
(Like cat said) Don't nobody give a fuck until you get them ducks
And hit 'em up
I spit for the bucks
Square business

What? niggas?
It's like that
Jay Dee drop the beat