"Give It Up" lyrics - J DILLA

"Give It Up"
(James Yancey)

[Jay Dee]
Go, uhh, bounce, this is for all my live people
That wanna hear some live shit, uh, this for you, ha

All my live bitches.. what the fuck up?
My live niggas tear the whole fuckin club up
'Cause when we up in the cut you got'ta [give it up]
Nigga what we out for the benjamins [give it up]
Give it up we wanna live it up [give it up]
Give it up for the most slept on since pepto bis when
Time warner let go Prince
Ridin by betta get yo bitch
She definitely ready to spread them hips, psst ohhh
Shyt stink you seen me in the lex so sick with the beat
Dude talk shyt and quick with the heat too
John wayne [john wayne] couldn't even stand the reign of the tek
And the tek be like datin the deck its lethal
Killin it for my people
Still up in the whip illegal
And clip be on the hip for these folks tryin to take what's mine
End up opposite where the sunshine kid, run my shit?
You gotta [give it up]give it 'cause we on some fly
Shit make niggas tear the roof off [hot]
What the fuck you thought?
'Cause when we up in the cut, you gotta [give it up]
Nigga what? Big face benjamins [give it up]
Give it up we wanna live it up [give it up]
Ladiesss [give it up] hands in the air this is a stick up [give it up]
All live niggas tear the club up [give it up]
Give it up, y'all niggas don't want it, and if so put your doe on it
I come from 7 mile and conant and the crew is
Scandalous and they quick to smack a nigga open handed
We get the cheddar stankin up, betta rack em up
Game over, 5 tv's in the rover now, we rollin
All over town gettin blowed in the rover now we gettin
Chose sippin mo' we bendin em over now [WHOA]
See my whole crew is like [WHOA]
Me and my whole crew like doe babbby pop and we gettin it
Been gettin it, and we still spittin it hot
So deal wit it or not
Dig, look at the chain rock to the right and it rock
To the left its mcnasty nigggga [hot to death]
I shot the sheriff so watch ur step duke
Its Detroit stepping thru, watch me let loose
And shut your whole shit down like Giuliani
See me in the candy M with two behind me
Thats frank and dank, crazy with the bank
Bangin with tv's on can't believe we [ON]
20 inch rims doing donuts, word is (Bond)
Big bucks make bitches go nuts
Aaa the mystro's ice glow like a light show now
Can't slow down, I do it like dice go down
Only broke niggas wait till the price go down
All live niggas! [give it up] Ladieees [give it up]
Hands in the air this is a stick up [give it up]
When we up in the cut raw dogg [give it up]
All y'all [give it up] off the wall [give it up]