"Bro Ho" lyrics - KYLE GASS BAND

"Bro Ho"

Well she will change your tires
And she can build real nice fires
And then she fulfills my desires
After we watch a bit a MacGyver

'Cause She's my Bro Ho
She really looks good in a dress, yo
But don't tell her She won't think so
She works at a head shop out in Noho

She takes her coffee with no sugar or cream
She's good around the bedroom if you know what I mean
She lets one loose right after eating some beans
She can rip one through her trousers and then fix all the seems

She's my Bro Ho
I try to tell her but she don't know
That she's a woman and I know so
She even dips me when we tango, oh no

She's watching gory movies without any regrets
She's tells my don't be frightened its just special effects
She's gaming on my xbox always leveling up
But theres a meal on the table and my laundry is done

She's my Bro Ho
She designed my bands logo
Well She's involved but she's no Yoko
She taught me this guitar solo, here we go

[Guitar solo]

And I know it seems crazy
She even likes the films of Martin Scorsese
Don't hesitate just give it a chance
You just might even find some sweet romance

With your Bro Ho
Might even wear you favorite Polo
She'll even text a sexy photo
But her golf game is still so-so
She give me lessons on my dobro
She goes on nature hikes with Frodo
She's got a tattoo of Hans Solo
But don't be thinking' she's a dude Bro