"Manchild" lyrics - KYLE GASS BAND



I'm a manchild
Once your hear what I got to say
I go hog wild
When I don't get my way
I don't play nice
I don't like to share my toys
Don't want you messing around
With this other neighborhood boys

[Chorus 1]

I should have grown up by now
Have you ever tiped the cow?
Don't be thinking it's so strange
That I always pay with change
I don't know what to do
I can barely tie my shoe
All my bills are overdue
But I can play a mean kazoo

I'm a manchild
And I really must confess
I like your tub-top
Tell me, what is your adress?
We can watch your TV
With no parental controls
Do you like lucky charms?
'Cause I can eat three bowls

[Chorus 2:]
I might go back to school
To learn to clean your pool
There's so much more to me
Hey look, let's climb that tree
I don't know what to do
I can barely tie my shoe
Can I please move in with you?
I just learn to shoot my goo

I'm a manchild
Will you please come out and play?
We can go to my house
You can meet my Uncle Ray
He got the puddin' cups
My mom can make grilled cheese
We can use my slip n' slide
It go faster on your knees

[Chorus 3]
I should have grown up by now
But I really don't know how
Do you think that I'm a fool
For dropping out of school?
There's nothing wrong with me
As far as I can see
I just know what I like
Can I please now ride your bike?

I'm a manchild!