"Road Chops" lyrics - KYLE GASS BAND

"Road Chops"

The five-man travelin' band
Air-brushed tittes on a custom van
Hop on in and take a ride with me
You gotta girlfriend, well let her go
You can stay at home while she enjoys our show
All she really wants is to be free

Bein' in a rock-n-roll outfit's the only way to be
And I'm sure you will see
That we got

Road chops
Eatin' jerky at the truck stop
Road chops
I got a fresh pair of socks
Road chops
From L.A. to the tip of Maine
Gotta make my way to Champaign

Our business king got a suite at the Super 8
Never pulls the blinds when he masturbates
Maid saw when she was walkin' by
Downgraded to a Motel 6
Bring some infrared and your detective kit
There's stains not visible to the human eye

And playin' in a rock 'n' roll outfit ain't always what it seems
You got to listen to me
We got

Road chops
At the Cracker Barrel trinket shop
Road chops
Mmm, get my girl a plastic top
Road chops
I spent a dollar and a dime
I'm sure to have a good time

I met a girl in Alabama
And then I flew her into Tampa
And we booked a decent suite
There was nothin' much to do
So we ordered pay-per-view
Predator 3
And I wrote her a piece of music
If she don't like it we can use it
It was a song about Predator 3 (Predator 3)
Turns out she didn't like it, so now we're gonna try it
And see where it leads
Oh, we got

Road chops
You gotta give it what you got
Road chops
Whoa, one on the floor
Road chops
Be careful where you stick it in
You'll never know where it's been

Come on!
You'll never know where it's been
You'll never know where it's been

Take one last look
At your home
Love that you
Leave alone
Said it's long and hard
So long, hard
I said it's long and hard
So long and hard