"Beware Of The Pale Horse" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Beware Of The Pale Horse"
feat. William Cooper

[Verse 1: ILL Bill]
Guerilla Star Wars weapons systems
Controlling my thoughts plus several pistols
The good shepherd listens, exercising mental figures
Illuminati enterprises with relentless interest
With it I enter the streets, conspiracy left to witness
Death and sickness stretch across the wilderness, etched in the scriptures
Molested temptresses whisper, pleasures of sex with ancestral sisters
Our terrorism influence decisions
Intercepting children, Timothy McVeigh, the federal buildings
The all-seeing eye, nuclear winter
Bleeding sky, talking to God screaming, "Why?" with tears in your eyes
Fall on your blade like a samurai, betrayal of his family ties
Agonize, violence amplifies, bystanders die
No reason, tattoo tears, chrome Jesus
Iced out Moses and planet pyramids in Giza
Seeking out your reinvention within the species of deception
Resemble humans but spawned from reptilian conception
Digital Mohammed, critical atomic, pinnacle and violent, cynical Islamics, symphonic
Microchip-atronic, Chips Ahoy, cyborgs are built to destroy
Murder world, I'm like arcade with a billion in coins
Better yet I'm like Bilderberg, pull away the curtain and reveal the word
Throw you in the dirt, split the work
I hit you with Star Wars heaters, helicopter hit your four-seater
ILL Bill the Cult Leader, porn theater

[Verse 2: William Cooper]
Step into the mind of Jesus, Aramaic teachings
Look through the eyes of Osiris, see I'm wanted in the precincts
Shipped to the depths of Hell with handcuffs on my wrists
The evil eye of the pyramids, the terrorist icepick
Venomous vaccines injected into your blood stream
The resurrection of John Gotti with bulletproof wings
When an angel sing, it's not just another thug's dream
It's the beloved propane with that infrared beam
Pay homage to the holy gladiator, hood savior
Duct tape to the face of heartless dictators
Hollow tips in the chambers, send traitors to their maker
The eraser, vengeance on my mind like Darth Vader
And it's foul, false prophets lead you to the slaughterhouse
With a smile on their face, poison pour out their mouth
Got caught in the crossfire between angels and demons
So I'm forever at war the hell that haunt my being
Fighting all-eye-seeing, all I'm seeing
Is crime and poverty, the Devil's hand's in everything
From politics to religion, the glitch in the system
Is they can't blindfold my vision, keep my eyes open and listen
Believe half of what I see and even less that I'm hearing
The truth's been called on the walls of ancient pyramids
The secret government responsible for killers' souls
Fucked up, they got you thinking Cooper's the villain