"Coka Moshiach" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Coka Moshiach"
feat. Raekwon

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, sniff your brains out all my Al Capone, Al Pacino nigga's
For real nigga
Sniff your brains out all my Al Capone, Al Pacino nigga's
For them gangsters
Sniff your brains out all my Al Capone, Al Pacino nigga's
Yeah, let's get it, Yo, hey yo Bill represent nigga what up, what up

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]
An eight ball of coke will make Sara smile like Hall & Oates
Line it up, spread it on the table like Torah scrolls, homie
But if you Len Bias, you're a goner
Now put the money in the bag before me and Rae pull an Osama
Square biz, no plots or schemes boy
Hit you with 50 shots like them cops from Queens
You're on a cross with a crown that bleeds
Resurrect you with a speed bump and trumpets that sound like screams
Shoot the bitch in the trunk of the Buick for foolishness
Killed for losing bricks, this is Only Built For Cuban Linx
Lord know I got mouths to feed
So my heart is ice cold to anybody outside my team
Fuck you, pay me a million dollars, matter fact, make it a billion
Fuck a condo I'm taking the building
Posted like the Freeway Ricky Ross in the Porsche
And hosted by Manowar's Ross the Boss at L'amours

[Hook: Ill Bill]
Sniff your brains out all my Vinny the Chins and Joe Pescis
With coke recipes and hoes on ecstasy, La Coka Nostra a brand you can trust
Catch me in the bathroom stall handing out bumps

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
We blast shottys off the roof, strapped, trapped in a coup
Living like this, duke'll have a nigga bidding in boots
I swear to my seeds, daddy gonna buy you the V's
But instead I got trapped and started buying them keys
I went from rich kid, selling under the bench to lynch kid
High power money nigga living in Richmond
Wore a few beefs, ran through hoods, ordered new jeeps
Pull guns on police, shot up the four seasons
Then I got clapped, yapped, thought I had it right
But I was wrong then, now I get it on when I write
I rectify this, you live by the sword and get fried by the board
'Cause that's the only way we got to get on
What it is nigga, get high, remember the grizz
And play the tape that resemble the great, that's Raekwiz, nigga
Stay real, history's ill, don't stop til you cash in
Catch me in the Aston with Bill Pill