"Habitat Of The Gasmask" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Habitat Of The Gasmask"
feat. Vinnie Paz

It's the habitat of the gasmask, suitcase nukes
Exploding iPhones, artificial intelligence to cyborgs
Every man, woman, and child shall be identified
By a microchip implanted and injected in the eye
Peep how they operate, beat you in the mouth with rape
Fuck you in their face, bang you in their crown with shanks
Navigate through crowds of snakes, pounds of shake
Miles of flakes, that dickface's smiles is fake
Produce rage like Tom Morello out for scrilla
Move weight like an eBay Power Seller
My sounds of terror beat games Mega Therion
Carry on, life is like an epic
The chariots of God, lost children scheming to floss
Sum up'll cost billions, dollars in digital
Monsters with pistols who transcend beyond the physical
Rocket launcher missiles cruise like the words I use
Until collisions prove catastrophic
Satanic prophets in space capsule cockpits
Watching demons and angels clashing in the moshpits
Welcome to the Apocalypse, the final step, the final conflict
The final concept is not death, listen...

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]

Everybody is a cyborg and the recession is fake
They had me fucked up giving a confession to jake
I ain't wanna get knocked but I guess it was fate
I'm a fallen angel, a descendant of apes
I'm an ancient astronaut, I'm from the Nephilim race
Biochip is here so you get arrested and raped
Hitler never died, they just faked his death and escaped
It was genocide but they never questioned the hate
I was petrified, now I rock a vest and I'm safe
And these stupid motherfuckers have obsession with faith
The world's welfare rests with the congressional snakes
This is Hell here, just look at the president's face
All I saw was darkness at presidental debates
My mind too strong moving at exceptional pace
And the AR-15 just leveled the place
Now we live in Thunderdome unacceptable place

[Verse 3: Slaine]

Got a crazy feeling, certain people watching me walk
I'm too high to know who the fuck's dropping me off
Why the fuck my knuckles are so covered in blood
Somehow I got a funny feeling that the government does
Check one: no bank account, no bills in my name
Check two: no jobs, taxes, or children to claim
Fuck I think they can trace me, basically chase me
Erase me in facing the paper they basically
Made me famous, I hate this, I'm wasted
I'm strapped on my back like a fucking lunatic patient
I'm not going crazy, they're swearing I'm maybe
Erica, please take care of the baby
Baby, don't be hysterical, hysteria's hazy
Always knew how my mysterious ways be
You just thought I was lazy on the couch
Instead I was feeling the taste of the gun in my mouth