"Electronic Funeral" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Electronic Funeral"
(W. Braunstein / G. Carroll / Eliot Dubock / S. Price)
feat. Sean Price

[Verse 1: Sean Price]
Jump on the song, no doubt
Heard who was on the song with me, no doubt
Fuck subliminals, very direct, what
Side of the neck stuff, just get your neck cut
Show me respect, duck, break your beak off
Make your week end, you need a week off
Nigga, you cheese sauce, pretzels a combo
Two-piece your face, where the fuck did your moms go?
Sniffing the Pablo, gripping the large four
Run up on your ride and fuck up your car show
P, the four pop your Starter cap
Keep eating swine, you gonna catch a heart attack
So miss me with the fly shit
I kill you, this verse gonna get me indicted
You outdated, out the loop
ILL Billy Bill kicked me out the group, chea'
Never give the God 'caine
I will sniff my head off, I am Ichabod Crane, P!

[Verse 2: ILL Bill]
I make music for goons with bricks and big Cuban links
And been wore Hilfiger velours before Puba did
Ruger spit like a blast beat, you could get your ass beat
Ask E, I was abusive before Fat Beats
Before Non Phixion existed, I fisted your sister
Then twisted the pistol up her pussy until it blistered
Never mistake knowledge for wisdom
Knowledge will help you make a couple dollars, but wisdom will help you make millions
God is my shotgun, my sword is my shepherd
Music's a rewarding obsession, keep the audience guessing
Stay a step ahead of the rest of these followers and swallowers
We are the future like Nostradamus, it's ominous
We the least likely to not survive
We the most likely of all to put a cock in your wives
We the personification of murder for fun
The black flag with the white skull and the guns

[Verse 3: Slaine]
I ain't got time for the bullshit and the rumors upon us
I'm death in the biblical form, slays the human persona
My name's carried through the ages, goons and piranhas
That loom in the corners and doom with my subhuman subconscious
In the face of a federation you presume as a monster
I'm the birth of an nature from earth whose womb is enormous
Live my lives in the night skies, my tomb is a forest
This in demand, all my lyrics, sing in tune with the chorus
In Roman times you might have knew me as Horace
Now I rep the Coka leaf and I design it like Peruvian florists
Got movies for all us, smokes for criminals and alcoholics
They peep the blueprint and they see I pulled it out of all this
My brother's my keeper, my keeper's my eyes
My family's my future, you past is full of secrets and lies
Jealousy's a wolf, he creeps like a sheep in disguise
A wise man sees it all and keeps his piece of the pie