"Mind Your Business" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Mind Your Business"
(W. Braunstein / G. Carroll / Chris Martin)

[Verse 1: ILL Bill]
Ayo I been heard the rumors
People asking me why Non Phixion broke up
Do you and your brother have beef?
Did Erik ditch Coka?
Asking me all types of complicated personal shit
Weirdos on Twitter gossiping 'bout whose version's legit
Fuck do you care?
Girls gossip TMZ for pussies and housewives
Who finger themselves to our lives
Mind your business, don't worry about the next man's plans
'Cause there's a very thin line between a fan and a Stan
And fuck Facebook, in the real world, if you and me met?
I'd sign your CD, snap a flick and you'd respectfully step
So mind your business, Ben Franklin put it on the coin, Google it
Read a book, Donald Goines made it humorous
Exposing the planet, stop being nosy and scandalous
Spoken language, part English, half spoken in Spanglish
Speak it every time, those beyond the average prevail
Even the deaf and blind know it, sign language and braille
Mind your business

[Verse 2: Slaine]
Back in the days when I was coming up
I'm hungry as fuck
Had no Air Max, no Amex, no gun in the truck
No wheels, no deals, ain't no fun and no luck
Just a pack of hot-headed goons running amok
Dudes got checked when they talked shit to even it out
Shocked, the feared one had started never leaving the house
Nowadays I sit back and gotta laugh at these little dudes
Fronting on the internet but act like they criminals
We know the difference who the bitches and girls are
Nah, I ain't as rich as all them snitches at WorldStar
But I can spot a rat with the camera phone
Who only beefs when he's with his man 'cause he can't alone
I've been the nice guy, but what am I, a jerk now?
This shit is no good, something gotta get worked out
Your homie's coming out his face, is that your sidekick?
I see the way that it is, and I don't like it
Mind your business


[Verse 3: ILL Bill]
If you worried about mines, you ain't handling yours
Counting a real hustler's paper and flapping your jaws
Only a ho worry about what a pimp got in his pockets
Only broke motherfuckers got spare time to gossip
I'm too busy and never broke
Amongst the clever folks
La Coka Nostra, we forever dope, homie, check the quote
This ain't complicated like hieroglyphics or rocket scientifics
Just keep your mind on the money and mind your business

[Verse 4: Slaine]
So stop staring at me man, with your neck tattoo
Fuck your life and your wife, she can get slapped too
Who the fuck is he? Bitch, you ain't met that dude?
This is my business you best respect that too
You might seen me on the silver screen
Heard I'm an alcoholic shooting guns at the movies
Coming back to snatch your wallet
Fistfights and high living, that was my way up
You stacked the odds against me and now it's time to pay up
Mind your business