"2AM" lyrics - LIL YACHTY



Move just like Jason
Bitch, don't test my patience
Bitch, money my odor
I ball, check my floater
Gold grill in my mouth and my bitch by my side
Nigga, just like The Joker
She love how I stroke her
It's 2AM, I might pop up like the toaster
Pull up, Testarossa, John Gotti the city
Suck on my dick like a string of spaghetti
Ed, Edd and Eddy, pop off like confetti
These niggas ain't ready, I'on't give a fuck
One call, they kick in your door for a couple bucks
She talkin' guala then bitch nigga shut it up, flood it up
White wrists look like the light on a Jeep truck
G shit, nigga, I see shit
Pull up in a spaceship
Bitch came from Cali and she came with her face lit
Dick in her mouth, got her cheeks like a fat kid
Make the bankroll bend over like her back did
Run to the money like a mothafuckin' track kid
Bitch head so big, had to call her lemonhead
Get it in, get it out, just like Diner Dash
Ass so fat and her waist so thin
She was blamin' it on SlimFast
Youngest in the room but I prolly got the most cash
Walk in the club and Lil Boat change the forecast
I fuck with that bitch but my bitch got more...