"No Hook Pt. 2" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"No Hook Pt. 2"
feat. Offset

[Intro: Lil Yachty]
Bro get to talking 'bout-
Uh, yeah
Uh (yeah), aye
Lil Keis on the beat, boy
Uh, Lil Boat, aye

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty & Offset]
When I run up, put your gun up (uh!)
All you hear doot, doot, doot, doot, doot (grr!)
Watch up how they end up (uh!)
This real gold, shit won't bend up (Lil Boat!)
Foreign bitch with no papers (skrt!)
If she get caught, they gon' send her ass back across the globe like a tourist (skrt!)
Your main bitch love my chorus (woah!)
New crib in the forest (yeah)
New forest in the crib (Lil Boat!)
Ate the pussy like ribs (what?)
30 diamonds 'round a nigga's neck
Watch my chain hang like Jibbs (gling!)
Bad bitch look like Dej Loaf
Best believe Boat got first dibs (I'm coming, hey!)
These pussy niggas tellin' fibs (do!)

[Verse 2: Offset]
I bought a mansion bigger than a muthafucka
Bought a mansion bigger than a muthafucka
I'm sippin' Actavis, I'm sippin' double cuppin' (act)
He ain't gotta shoot you, shoot you for my brother (bow!)
Fuckin' dirty bitches with a rubber (dirty!)
Take you to the trap, the gutta, gutta (gutta, gutta)
My diamonds drippin', it might make a puddle (drip)
I'mma stand on my pivot, don't double-double (hey!)
Get into the pot and uppercup it (get in there!)
Me and bakin' soda had a scuffle (bow!)
Lookin' at the diamonds in my bezzle (bezzle)
When you broke, they money make it better (broke!)
Me and Boat jumpin' out the boat (Boat!)
With some shoes on your hoe just like Cinderella (hey!)

[Verse 3: Lil Yachty & Offset]
When I sip I sleep rich on Versace feathers (uh)
Bad white bitch named Heather (bad)
With a big booty look like Mrs. Rodgers (huh)
Ran off in a Dodge Charger
I can't see nobody (where?)
Do a background, you can read about it (read it)
Percocets, ain't no metro politics (bow!)
Soo many stories, we can't speak about 'em (shh)
Swish, swish (splash), swish (swish), swish (uh!)
I'm ballin' like Jeremy Lin (yeah, bow!)
Diamonds shinnin' on my skin, huh
She suck my dick, it's a sin, huh
And she came from Switzerland, yeah
I might just cop me a Benz, woah
I might skrt off in a Frisker
She gettin' mad 'cause I dissed her
I just fucked her little sister