"Loyalty Over Everything" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Loyalty Over Everything"

In a dodge charger on the way to see the Dodgers
With my old bitch who really don't give a shit about me
She just want me 'cause she know a nigga poppin' shit
And I know it too but fuck it, I'm gon' fuck this bitch
You deserve everything comin' your way (all your way)
Not a nigga on my team that I would trade (no, noo)
Strong chorus, solid foundation this way (oh, no)
Loyalty's worth more than money any day (yeah, yea-ah)
I got bitches from the East Coast to the Bay
Before this rap shit, I was still makin' plays
Hothead just like Johnny Blaze, I do what I want
I can't wait to bring the pain and come bring the funk