"6 AM Freestyle" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"6 AM Freestyle"

Get the fuck up off of my dick
Model lil' bitch with no thighs like a toothpick (Ooh)
Gang pointing cannons out the window like a cruise ship
My bitches turned 22 like a Glock clip (Ayy, ayy)
My chain all rose gold like a bullet tip
Niggas turned bitch on the net, they got lots of lips
IPhone twerk, 6 calls in the last hour (Brrr)
Scared to have a bitch 'cause I be dicking niggas housewives, oh
SRT, do a high speed (Skrrt)
Broke bih crip with a High C (Gang)
Snitching on your niggas that's my pet peeve (Man)
Chopper get to singing, Ryan Leslie (Phew-phew-phew-phew)
Ooh, and your bitch a thot, boy, your bitch a thot, hah (Gang)
If she could, she'd sell that pussy up on Etsy (Ooh, hah, hah, gang)
Nah, not a nigga finna check me (Pipe up)
And I don't want no sex, I want that backie, yea-oh (Pipe up)
This AK-47 look so sexy, yea-oh (Du-du-du, grrr!)
You think your bitch is loyal, she gon' text me, yea-oh (Gang)
200 thousand on my neck-piece, oh
I'm a fly young nigga I can't be stopped, huh
Teach these niggas something like a leapfrog (Yeah)
Buzz me through the gate with a keycard (Bzzt!)
All about my Green Bay like I'm B. Favre (Woo)
Gotta make sure that we eat 'cause if not then we starve (Facts)
Huh, that's a fact, nigga (Facts)
Ayy, running with that sack on my back, nigga (Slatt)
Huh,.223 make a nigga scat quicker (Du-du, grrr!)
Hey, get him deleted like a bad picture (Deleted)
Ne-never sold my soul, never sold it, that's a fact (Yeah!)
Gang goes first, keep them bitches in the back (Yeah!)
Wild on my bitches but these bitches they be whack (Yeah!)
Triflin' ass hoes tryna run off with my sack (Who?)

Lil Boat!
Stuffin' dick all up in that bitch lil' throat
"Oh boy, you rich"
Yeah me too, nigga, ditto
Hundred round clip on a Dra-Dra-Draco
Huh, SK, ride 'round with my eses
You ain't seen no M yet, you must be M.I.A
Got that club going up on a Tuesday
Wait that's a dub, I do magic on a Mon-day