"Two Percs" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Two Percs"

And I got two Percs on me, I might have to pop one
Uzi automatic on me, bitch this ain't no prop gun
Beefin' through safari, pussy boy, you ain't gon' pop none
Taking pictures with all them pistols, ain't gon' cock none
If I pull up baby please tell me you gon' suck some
Talkin' like a freak on the net, come and fuck some
I hate bitches who be talking like they on one
Tweakin' like they on some
I'ma keep that shit one hunna, uh
My profession is bad bitch hunter
And I'm still big slime like Gunna
And my niggas still shoot you like Gunner
I'ma bring the thunder
Flip her over, then I beat it, over under
Chopstick 'bout as long as a plunger
I'm the shit and you pussy niggas plumbers
Middle fingers up, I'm a stunner
Bitch think I'm in love, I don't stun her
Nigga, you ain't hard, you a fronter
And you ain't no boss, you a runner