"New Goin' In" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"New Goin' In"
feat. Quavo

[Intro: Valee]
ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney

[Verse: Lil Yachty & Quavo]
Stay with that yappa boy I move with that baby beam (uhh-uh)
330 my bag and my pocket 380
I used to be broke now I own two Mercedes (uh-uh)
I'm good with the ladies
Have you seen my latest?
My greatest, she might be the one for my babies (uhh)
I'm trippin', I fucked then I'm dippin', wait, hold on
I act like a heathen, you send me a twelve (yeah-uh)
Better make sure it's even, no Steven, achieving
You [Ripley's] believing, deceiving
You thieving ass, fallin' ass niggas I'm leading, I'm breaking in
Bread for my gang, drip the swag and I'm bleeding
I'm all they believe in, I got 'em, they gibbe (yeah)
Got a new watch, that shit cost 'bout 50 times two (yeah)
Got a new truck and it's blue, pay my taxes on time (yeah)
And my credit look good like a jew, but I'm black
Runnin' around town with a sack
You gotta be kidding me, all of these niggas is pussy
I'm walking with Stussy, I'm snatching your bitch
'Cause I know you a rookie, yeah, hoo
I hang with the gang, Migo Gang stack it up like a chimney
Auto-target to my enemy, better get out my vicinity, bitch
(Yeah, yeah)
Run it back-back to back-back to back like a marathon
Brother locked up sellin' gas like a Chevron
All of this ice this shit look like an avalanche
Glacier Boyz, twelve million dollars no longer civilian
I move with the pilgrims
[?] come fly with that Glock, Robbie Williams
My bitches [?], I need me a jet
Double o seven, I stay with the tech
Tats on my chest, ice on my neck
She fuck it though, I'm out in Buffalo
Keep that shit cool when I'm fucking on another hoe
Patek Philippe, time I got big boy Pakets and VVS diamonds
You said you the shit, but I know that you lyin'
Diamonds be spicy like cayenne pepper
Young nigga ball like Chris Webber
I need the key to my city or [?] or something
I walk in the spot and I got the bitch jumpin'
This bitch off of the molly, it look like she krumping
Big Bentley coupe, got the whole engine running
Talking, just like a reverend
Nigga I don't drive no Chevron