"Big Scientist" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Big Scientist"

(Yeah, let's do it)
I ain't got no love for no bitch but you the golden one (Nah)
Real hole-in-one (I'm working on dying)
She a star, she call me Obi-Wan (Ooh)
Other bitches walk around like a nigga owe 'em somethin' (What?)
(Ayy, Brandon, man, why you do that?)

Said she want Chanel
Called up Booster, copped a stolen one (Yeah)
You the one I want on side of stage when the show is done (Beep)
Lately, I been goin' through a phase, tryna pocket somethin' (Phase)
Told you you the one, shit, you laugh like it's a joke or somethin'
It's okay, that's the price you pay when you act a way (Yeah)
Strip away all the fame and fortune, I'ma be okay (For real)
She said she don't fuck with liars, don't like how they operate
I brought me some brand new tires, time to drift my life away (Skrrt)
You be in Miami with your family, those your brothers, ayy (Gang)
When we split a pop this the love between our mothers, ayy (Yeah)
Know we ain't together but whatever, I still fuck with you
Used to get the numbers sellin' flights to get them dirty blues (Beep)
Realest bitch, I know you hold a W
Hope you don't move on 'cause if you do, it ain't no other you (Facts)
In that Bentley coupe, I do the dash like The Incredibles (Vroom)
She a scientist, the finest bitch, she love the diamond jewels (Beep)
Only Uber Black, she don't no UberPool (Go ahead)
Had to let her know to keep it real, don't try and keep it cool