"Hang Out The Window" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Hang Out The Window"

Mhm (Uh)
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Go 'head

I'm not even driving, I hang out the window (Blatt)
I'm boujee, I act like a rich ho (Boujee)
Done bought about three or four benzos (Skrt)
Fuck that bitch, make her scream like crescendo (Fuck, fuck)
Maybach 'bout long as a limo (Beep)
Maybach came with two windows (Beep)
Bad Persian bitch, in her mouth just like Menthols (Ew)
This shit just end all, be all (Yeah)
How they sneak dissin' but we do not see y'all? (Where?)
Bitch, I get fly like a seagull (Beep)
I'm in her dreams, it's too real just like VR (Brr, brr)
She wet, she want me
Shittin' on niggas comin' back to haunt me
I'm fuckin' this young nigga auntie (Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck)
She off the 1738 Monte (Yeah)
Chopper sing like John Conlee (Yeah)
Snake niggas all on my head, I'm Don C (Sss)
No, I'm Gandhi (Yeah)
All that broke shit is behind me (Is behind me)
Like booking hotels at the Omni (Book at Om')
My L.A. bitch look like Beyonce (Like Beyon')
Can't fuck with pansies
Might go cop a chimpanzee (Yeah)
Might get on IG live just to flex with these bands, B (Racks)
Bitch, I'm getting antsy (Slatt)
These broke hoes getting fancy
Back in school if they tried me
I want war in the hall just like Andy (Facts)
Park outside of your house with the van, B (Facts)
Bet you call the police, what you sayin' to me? (Facts)
Why these rap niggas act like they concrete? (Why?)
You might be a con, but not a concrete (Ha)
I'ma show my whole ass like a donkey (Yeah)
With them bloods, they walk 'round holding IVs (Brrt)
Anywhere I go, I do not use ID (No)
You know it, you know me (Slatt)
I get why they missin' the old me (It's Boat)
But he was too broke to withhold me (It's Boat)