"Still Here (Lost It)" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Still Here (Lost It)"

Yeah, yeah, unhuh

Made 20 Million, know it's crazy but this shit true
Big G wack her like dust she was baby blue
Feelin' like goin' might as well been a Gemini
Fuck a bad bitch in the back of the seminar
Walk around real Royal with it like an Indian
Nigga want beef, no money? Please come again
I don't understand no bands, I give no beef
Nigga you a clown I can tell cause' her asscheeks
Bro them smokin big pounds like a sea brief
Talkin' real slow because the carrots in a nigga teeth
I don't give a fuck what they sayin if it ain't guap
Nigga, hate boat, I ain't even at the top spot
One call, niggas on your head like a dreadlock
Crack through the deadlock, fuckin' like it's wet lock
Young money bedrock
Bad bitch freckles on her face like a carrot top (Aye!)
Get your head chopped
Niggas walk around mad? Must be adopted
Opposite of emo, still a hot topic
Cop it, drop it, went out, I rocked it
I'm in the Bentley coupe, swerve like I lost it
I got a check for two million, I flossed it
Didn't take my diamonds off, jumped in the moshpit
I'm with lil set in the hood, I feel safer
I used to fuck dirty bitches out the Mayfair
Ten chocolate hoes and ten vanilla wafers
Ten unannounced the mixed sprees, scorin' tho
Put em' on Molly, got these bitches hoein'
Put em' on Molly, got these bitches goin'
Put em' on Molly, get that hoe away she blowin' up my phone, asking' where I'm goin'
Ask her where the drugs, she say "Coke?"
Nah this shit snorin', scorin' like I'm Jordan
They say "where you been?" Nah, where I'm goin'?
Been in that cut like a bum, but I'm still here
I watched the game but my vision is still clear
Look in the mirror, my neck, chandelier
Oh, I got a slut, she don't want to leave
Take care of her fees and she gon' go HAM
Make sure she ain't hot like NBA JAM
She can't be on fire, I read about it in the Esquire
That's how you bring down the umpire
Make sure she clean before she get hired
Fuck her from the back and then she get fired
Fuck that, I'm back in this bitch and I'm here to stay
They didn't give me credit for my shit
So I get my credit another way
I'm writing this shit for your favorite rapper
Gettin shit gone like a street trapper
They found out it's me, that's a knee slapper
Stop doubting me, all your shit done
Stop doubting me, I'm the jump starter
Raise up the guap like a Kickstarter
I want to touch on the Stalion
I just need a second, I'll hit from the back, boy I know it's a blessing
I just made a confession, I didn't mean to do it
But I get into it, I'm really intuitive
All of the moves that I make they be lucrative
I will not liquidate
I'm with this black bitch, thick like a milkshake
Clap like an earthquake
Stop with the rapping, just do it for [?] sake
I'm in my bag like a [?] plate
Stick to the money that shit be my soulmate
Posted with the gang on the block at the home base
I'm gettin head, that shit straight like a front lace
Eat up the [?], babygirl tell them how that taste