"Do You Believe In Loneliness" lyrics - MARC ANTHONY

"Do You Believe In Loneliness"
(Marc Anthony / Kara DioGuardi / Corey Rooney / Dan Shea)

I used to try
To set aside
Some Time for being lonely

So many times
I prayed to find
Someone like you to hold me

All I know is that when I think of you
I'm not alone
I just simply close me eyes
And sing my song
And I am home
Loving where I belong

Do you believe in loneliness
I do now that's where I found you and I'll never let you go
When all I knew was oneness
There you were
With you around
Who's lonely now

I feared the night
But now it's mine
Because something's out there for me

Let's take our time
I'm satisfied
With having you to own me