"Love Won't Get Any Better" lyrics - MARC ANTHONY

"Love Won't Get Any Better"
(Marc Anthony / Kara DioGuardi / Corey Rooney / Dan Shea)

Look what you do to me
Oh girl, I must admit that this is new to me
And I never thought that love could come so easily
Till you opened up my eyes to how it's supposed to be

I'd never known love to be so pure and gentle
In all I've seen love was quite this simple
It was for me so lonely and so temperamental

Holding you is the safest place no doubt about it
Kissing you makes me wonder how I lived without it
Wanting you is as natural as natural can be
Love won't get any better

Fianlly I hold my head up high because you belong to me
And I'm catching myself smiling over everything
You should know that I am proud to have you next to me



Girl I'm in love with you
I live to kiss and touch you
I always knew
You'd be the one to run to
I'd say I do
Because having you, living you, trusting you
Is all I want to do