"You Belong With Me" lyrics - MARC ANTHONY

"You Belong With Me"

Do you know
Can you tell how I feel
When I see you with him
I can't hide
I will find it's too real
How it hurts me inside
Do you lie in his arms every night
Is he holding you close all the time
'Cause when you're with him nothings right
Oh, I remember the days when you were mine
I don't know when
And I don't know how
But it's you
Girl you belong with me
And I can't say why
And I won't deny that it's true
Girl you belong with me
And no matter how long it takes
I'll make you see
That you belong with me

It was me
I was wrong now I see
How not having your love can feel
Made mistakes
Didn't think you would be
In a place where I find you
I been wanting for you just to see
That your life's not with him, it's with me
Baby you've captured my heart in your hands
All I want you to give us a chance
I would be everything that you ever tried to find
I would be more than you ever imagined
If you just be mine