"Ahead Of The Game" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER

"Ahead Of The Game"

It was nothing but the hits in a room downtown
They're noisy as hell but nice
People don't usually get to play in there
More than a time or twice
You had you a regular spot
They were even advertising your name
Better than the usual thing you got
Staying just ahead of the game
Ahead of the game

And I can't tell you one thing new
About playing for the door
Some of my dream is back there too
With the sawdust on the floor
We're worn out and weary, all of us
But we know why we came
Banged up and battered like this old bus
Staying just ahead of the game, ahead of the game

The sky's as big as nowhere
Which is where we've been
Left a dream behind there somewhere
You've got to have a dream

[Instrumental break]

I gave your buddy a ride to the train
He was telling me he'd be back
There was a red light shining, love in vain
When we rolled across the tracks
Barista/bartender selling beat up car
Needs a ticket for a bus or a plane
Singer/songwriter heading for home
Staying just ahead of the game
Ahead of the game

[Instrumental Outro]