"What I'm Gonna Need" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER

"What I'm Gonna Need"

Say, that badge
The gold one in your lapel
That a bunch of grapes, right?
Wine's your thing
Hey, you guessed how I could tell

And hey, it's nice
Majorca and the hotel
That's a part of Spain, right?
And you're from Spain, right?
Gold is the game we're here to play
I've been hittin' that mother down the old fairway

All freakin' day
Originally Memphis
Mm-hmm, last night
So you're from around here?

Say, what's
Your name, man? Alejandro?
That works for me, I guess
Don't hear it much in Tennessee
Hey Alejandro, what I'm gonna need
Is a cold, crisp, dry white wine
Can you do that for me?