"The Living End" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER

"The Living End"

I'll walk up the mic
At the top of the show
Think, only fifty-nine more
Flaming minutes to go
The old suit doesn't fit
The money's nothing at all
To give 'em the stand-up
And the mirror ball

When I was in fashion
The toast of the town
By God, it were smashing
There was totty all round
I'd have them all legless
In the palm of my hand
And we'd be off to wherever
From my laughter land

You had loyalty
Back in the ITV years
We all played for royalty
All had the big careers

Well you wake up one morning
Hey presto, you're ogne
You've slipped out of style
And there you are, done
You wake up one morning
You're just not the trend
Soon enough you're appearing
At The Living End

I'm going too fast
I can tell you for free
Dying from trying
Is what you can see
Needs a break and a brandy
Your funny man friend
Tonight appearing
At The Living End
Tonight appearing
At The Living End