"Noodles Pt. 1" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

"Noodles Pt. 1"

[Intro Sample]
[#1]: I want you to talk about women... Miste-
[#2]: I'm sorry?
[#1]: Women. You've yet to talk about women
[#2]: Oh, I enjoy women
[#1]: Has it occurred to you that you have a problem with trust?
[#2]: I trust myself implicitly

[Verse 1: Masta Killa]
Listen; It's original, Siciliano, rock the authentic
Stetson Barcelino hat
It's Noodles from the Gambino crime wave
Hot towel steaming your face, straight razor shave
Snub nose in the Cummerbund, smooth groove killer
Nat King combing the keys
Duke Ellington, the ballroom is elegant
Top bosses paying respect
Big endorsements, please with all due respects
I'm delighted to break bread, send the best bottles to my people
Refreshments catered by Edible Arrangements
There at the hors d'oeuvre table I observed
As she stood so seductive I admired every curve
Her dress pure silk mesh softly hugged her body so ever gently
Garter on her inner thigh held her pearl nickel
Diamond ear studs sparkle, her wrist sickle
Panty crotchless, she braless, breast flawless
Tennis charm anklet, it's live at the banquet
Couples swing, Johnny Fontane singing all the latest
Ladies love it and scream, Goodfellas applaud
Bow ties with the Cuban cigars, my tux Sean John
The Dom this Perignon, I had to step to it and charm in Gucci loafer
My dogs in the background barking, them dudes is crazy

[Interlude: sample]
[#2]: Do we know each other?
[#1]: I've been reading about you
[#2]: Oh? Where? Who do you work for?
[#1]: I'm in the art world
[#2]: Dealer?
[#1]: Mm-mm
[#2]: Gallery Owner? What's your take for this?
[#1]: Five Percent of the value recovered
[#2]: Oh, a Bounty Hunter!
[#1]: If you like
[#2]: Always get your man?
[#1]: Mm-hmm
[#2]: Think you'll get me?
[#1]: Oh, I hope so

[Verse 2: Masta Killa]
Yeah, I see you blushing
Hope you're not embarrassed
She said, "Nah, your peoples is cool, it's just you."
Well, allow me to introduce
She said, "I know you, the superstar, Jamel Irief, The Wise Chief."
Damn, I'm usually pretty low-key
Well, then may I ask like who you might be?
"Oh, you really don't know?"
Na, love I can't picture
"You can't remember Lil' Keisha? Lil' Keisha sure was me?"
Yeah it was you!
"You used to check for my cousin like back in 302"
"This was way back before the Wu."
"You used to come through, and your crew was deep."
What's your cousin's name?
Yo, she sat right in front of me!
I used to copy off her paper to cheat
She won the Spelling Bee
"Damn, I don't know what to say, I would've never known."
Pardon me, you've grown so beautiful tone
She replied like, "That's okay, I had the biggest crush on you
Anyway, way back in the day."
Wow, thanks for the compliment, miss
Damn, I really don't know what to do
Man your cousin gonna kill us
How old are you now?
"Twenty three? You wanna see my ID?"
Oh, and you See Cypher?
It's just getting liver, the more dangerous, the better
I love pressure, we can have a Thomas Crowne Affair
From the scent, you know what he represent
There's money in the air to get
Is you with me or is you out to get me?
Well, anyway, I'ma take it just as fast as they print it
Is you wit' it? So watch me
This is a professional jux, nothing sloppy

[Outro: Sample]
[#1]: I won't back off, you know? Not even for a minute
[#2]: I'd be hugely disappointed if you did