"Wise Words By The Rza" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

"Wise Words By The Rza"
(Jamel Irief)
feat. RZA

I think the jewel that the brother 2Pac was dropping
Was uh "Keep your head up"
He was right on with that one, he was right on, right on
Supreme wisdom, the motion in which one moves
It's like, it's like words that are wise that make the people groove
Substance, the material of integrity, that builds strength
Now huh, see soul is the source of universal love
It's the DNA of the world
It's what makes the world go around
Now, now those that have it, may feel the sense of being complete
Those without it, are in search of what's missing
See how can I forget, the poverty, the projects
The lack of opportunity, the injustice
Aww man, they're seeing through the lies of politicians
False promises, selling us religion, poisonous injections
These superstitious believes, we teach our children to eat
The wrong foods, mentally and physically
Now if I told ya'll the truth
The opportunities are slim
Living conditions are grim
Our youth's future seems dim
Infested communities, drugs destroyed many families
Children left alone, separated broken homes
It's like they're victims of modern day lynchings
You know, huh the system stopping us to frisk
Handcuffing our wrist, like they trapping us all
In hopes of sending us up north
Crunching on the jail bars, thinking of escape
Waiting on release date, man yeah
To all the youths of today we got to find a better way
For real this is simply Jamel Irief