"R U Listening" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

"R U Listening"
(Jamel Irief)

Imma f'kin like this, ha, ha, ha...
You already know
Peace to my brother Ghostface

Party people, welcome to the gathering
Many of you tonight have traveled for many miles
To hear the master of the art display styles and techniques
Now with this piece of steel that I hold so firmly
I conduct y'all accordingly, one time for your mind
Authentically designed and crafted by the hand of god
Autograph, camera phones, flash as I enter
A glimpse of the ninja, rarely seen and heard
But his words so powerful, catch him at the show and prove
Building with Allah's son, who they talking bout, me?

Who they talking bout, who they talking bout, ahhh?
Who y'all talkin bout? Ah?
Who they talking bout, me?
Who they talking bout, you keep my mic in ya mouth

With beats so banging and, bass drum kicking and
Melody soulful strings are calling, it's like
Back against electrical fence, but I'm a winner
My mic's like my only defense, brothers locked down
Aunties that changed my pampers, all sponsors
I won't fail the mission, with self knowledge guiding me
Nothing can contain me from seeing everything that's mine
Economically, nothing is given
We know steps are taken, people couldn't see it until it burst to existence
Brush the stardust from the sleeves of my jacket

Who they talking bout, who they talking bout
Who y'all talkin bout, who you talking bout?
Who they talking bout, me?
Who they talking bout, you keep my mic in ya mouth

See, this is how your rhyme gotta be young G
I'm a writer not a rapper, emcee
Build-or-destroyer, some overstand, but I understand that
We are students to life, true divine order
Must be restored in order for us to live right
Y'all stay chirping like birds, words travel
At the speed that I'm slappin you
Ask you as the world revolves, caliente
It's about 100 degrees with no breeze, can you swim nine thousand?
I bench press hills and mountains from the highest peak
I fears no evil as I walk through the valley
I'm like the father at the first rally, are you listening?