"Food" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

(Jamel Irief)

The royal prince blessed me with the Gita for my physical
Won't give up, such value hosts countless of amounts of treasure
When I'm writing, so quenching to the thirst
So refreshingly enlightening and geniously exciting
Stimulating brain growth is all so relevant
For the youth development
So I drop musical notes for you to then quote
I gave the thought time to soak
While I smoked, meditated then I wrote
For years, months and days, before I even spoke
Test the climate of the people in search of what's missing
Then provide the lesson best for those that are listening

So emcees wonder how me and 9th Wonder
Make the ladies shake it in the club like thunder
My rhymes will beat fire out of something, no question
And 9th will make musical hits for you to listen

My winds blow EF5, there's nowhere to hide
I'll seek and destroy your toy
Rapper emcee who's thinking that he's live enough to survive
The mental of assault of rhyming, the timing
Travelous beats is blinding
I've been trying to slow it down in hopes that you could relate
But the slowest I can go is knowledge, there's no escape
So whenever I decide to escalate and add on
Atomically a storm is forming then born
You know it's my duty to warn them of this wicked
Before I have to ice pick it


See I could just let the beat take control
While I stand with this mic so tightly that I hold
The hundred grand in the rubberband won't fold
This is Sun ray showers of gold, my blackberry bowl
Some things better untold, not even soul
Y'all know the God black ain't cold
Yellow Bally's with the white soles, silks and gold
Y'all don't even know the way we used to flex and roll
My brother wonderful
Known to keep it stacking, spray the mac in his young day
Sean dude show me the 52, I gots to
Generate revenue, I must do capital