"Tiger And The Mantice" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

"Tiger And The Mantice"

[Verse 1: Masta Killa]
Song gets rougher while I'm rhyming
Pretty women, guns and diamonds
Living this truth that I manifest, so I ain't gotta say I'm the best
Y'all already know about the killer murder one flow
In the toe-to-toe swordplay
You know how I play with these other MC
I supersede true indeed
The talent that I got will r-iz-ock the spot
Competition I be burning, burning hot
Make a beat sing Wallabee Clark with no sock
I sit and write dart non-stop
Into the night, thought takes flight
Follow it and don't lose sight
We 'bout to reach heights only few imagine
But it's all real, 20 mil, large bills
Stacked up, took us like 3 days to count it up
Along with the drinking, smoking and chilling
Tiger claw with the mantis chanting

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, I hit quick with it scorpion sting
It was said I'm the one like I'm under Morphius wing
Let me guide y'all, walk with a king, Lord of the Ring
Show up on scene to The Warriors theme
Bless your highness, Ron O'Neal, all my superfly
So stoned like I gazed in Medusa eyes
They whispering true lies, why?
When they throw up deuce high when they cruise by
Rebel the great, sick with the medical case
On money like the president face
You ain't live it, you can never relate
Hard times on the grind make a nigga leave 7 for 8
Flow cold as a Chiraq youth, so savage
Doing this back since the pissy mattress
Tiger and the mantis, chanting
365 'cause 24/7, I can't quit

[Verse 3: GZA]
Yo, how mighty is the pen?
Powerful enough to exert strength equivalent to a forceful wind
And on another note, it's a specialized instrument
Writing many degrees, the knowledge is infinite
This work here is eclectic
Gathered from a broad range and its food for thought is electric
Completely organic and ripe for all seasons
Purifying fire penetrating all regions
The words they integrate sentences, they stimulate
Sterile mind can't define, he imitate
Some need laser correction
'Cause this vision is a dream that's played by distorted perception