"Ringing Bells" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

"Ringing Bells"

Uh huh, uh huh

You take on face value how fast the light travel
This Heaven sent gift from the Universe
Blessings, tithe and offerings
There's no Compromisin' the truth
It might blow the roof off
Exposin' the Germ, Tapeworm
Poison animal eaters you must learn
Let me teach you how to see through six
Rise above the mist, the Naked Eye can hardly detect
When I'm in Effect, Live and Direct
It's the East New York section of Brooklyn
Bangin' ass beat make you wanna freak Techniques
Display the Art, sword swingin' piercing ya Heart
Sharp as a nigga on Prom Night
We strike wit a Vengeance
Givin' y'all the Maximum Sentence
Each sentence is like a Timeline for you to Define
How to rhyme coincide and relate, to my last tape
'No Said Date', say it loud "Yo I'm Black and Proud"
To crack ya fuckin' backin' over any form of disrespect
To my Nation - Seeds I'm raisin', paper chasin'
For the God degree
Guarantee to disassemble any MC stepin' in the place to be
Off the head I wrote this one in Red
For the Blood of all my people that shedded
For the Cause, my Microphone ripped so swift

[Dr. Benjamin Muhammad]
'What is Justice'?
'Justice is the law that distinguishes between Right and Wrong'
'What then is Justice, that we may do Justice?'
'The face of a killer is your face, my face, our face'

This first MC Law
He swore to make the crowd roar
Came up through the floor drew his Mic from his hip and begin
To squeeze Clip, son said "Don't kill 'em as quick"
Let 'em do tray, palm stay 18 Jay
Who made it possible for you to witness?
First born built the Weather to Storm
Bees Swarm like Hundred Women scorn
This is warnin' to the people we ship the sour diesel
Breezin' through the Caroline Distribution
Pipe line spark it equal
Guarded people as Divine makes it's final Descent
To the Pavement, we laced it, keepin' it basic
Who is this 'Irief Jamel' Ring Bells through out the City
A few know 'em well - The Description Black Male
Wit the Universal flag drippin' off his lapel

[Dr. Benjamin Muhammad]
'God is the Number One Killer'
'He out killed...Genghis Khan...Kublai Khan
...?*Pambalane*?...Yes he did'
'He out killed Hitler...out killed Mussolini'
...Out killed Napoleon'
'When God gets ready to kill he wipes...Cold, Complete'
'God the Killer'