"Lost Horizons" lyrics - MEMENTO MORI

"Lost Horizons"
(Nikkey Argento / Mike Wead)

I've stood in time, wind and rain
I had no feelings or name
But I can see, I can hear
The voice of death is shouting in my ear.

Making war, making love
You know what I'm thinking of
How many times the traps are set
You can't remember and I can't forget.

Can you see me now?
Can you feel the pain?
Can you heal the scars on me?

Light within my heart
Hope within my soul, is dying.

I bid farewell to words of myth
When cries of anger sound again
My tears of shame cut like a knife
How can I justify this life?

My mind is searching for reasons why
A time to live, of die
If we had now, what we had then
Lost horizons might return again.

Lost horizons.