"Morbid Fear" lyrics - MEMENTO MORI

"Morbid Fear"
(Nikkey Argento / Mike Wead)

In your dreams
The sights they submit
These shadows will constantly glow.

Deeper you fall
Into the pit
Where madness will constantly flow.

Twisting your mind
A vision obscure
The islands will silently crawl
(Silently crawl)
Into the unknown
Sleep my child
Sail the seas of neverland
Deep within your soul
Wayward child
Morbid fears are close at hand.

Close your eyes
The moment is here
It's time to face what you fear.

Something weird, evil it senses
Unseen but strong is its presence
Drowning in fear of things to come
Time is short, the threshold is near.

Insanity reigns
In dark hidden what's left
Reality the outcome is clear
(The outcome is clear)
They are closing in.

Fade away - into the unknown.
Fade away - sail the seas of neverland.
Fade away - deep within your soul.
Fade away - morbid fears are close at hand.