"The Monolith" lyrics - MEMENTO MORI

"The Monolith"
(Snowy Shaw / Mike Wead)

They sat beneath the moon-lit sky about the night
...appeared, then vanished; wrapped in the woolskin from chill and
The ones whose proudest lost thier will to live.

What on Earth, make these for your...
Struggling onward through the freezing wind.
A time of storm swept means
Awoke their hearts of inherited hatred
So for evermore these words of old
Its meaning would soon unfold
Trapped in that winter world of waiting.

Of what were the questions?
What were they waiting for?
This... at the monolith.

The mystic days of doom
Foretold in tales
As hammered by some runes
From father to son
Forfathers were in tune
At the gallows gate
Enchanted by the moon
And a thousand questions
About the monolith's make

Eternal moments, endless...
Its... were seldom spoken
Therefore the oath was never broken.

At the first sight of peoples he's gone...
Its meaning,... into the air/earth
From father to son.