"Bulletproof" lyrics - METAL CHURCH


I don't care what you think, it means nothing to me
Your opinions are useless words, annoying usually
So you think you had me down, guess what surprise surprise
In the air I sense the fear and I see it in your eyes

What you say is what you choose
It's a game you're gonna lose
It's not a weapon you know how to use
Say what you will it's not the truth
I've heard it all I'm living proof
After all this tIme I'm bullet proof

Don't think that I'm not aware of all the things you've said
So damn cool, above it all, I'm grateful when you're dead
My mistake I guess its me, but I thought we were friends
The color yellow fits you well, and the message that it sends

I've been thrown under the bus
And I still feel it
Are you jealous, are ya much?
Cause I can see it

So now you know just where it stands, between myself and you
Shut your mouth you little punk, cause you know what I'll do
You can try to hide yourself in your world of cool
The rest of us can see the truth, you pathetic little fool