"Suiciety" lyrics - METAL CHURCH


Dreaming that you're feeling that you're falling and it's a long way down
Right before you hit you shudder before you hit the ground
The edges are frayed and laid into place stalling time escapes your brain
The slightest sign of an un-kept mind they tell you you're insane

You pay for sanity
In this suiciety

Feeling control a limitless flow fading absolutions slow
Flood the veins with purple haze total mind control
Into the groove a permanent move crazy the jacket fits you well
Scribblings on your inner eyelids gibberish from your cell

You pay for sanity
In this suiciety

What are you now trying to sell us
The new pill I need to survI've
I didn't know I was dying
It's now got control of my mind
The cost has become so much greater
Than anything I've paid before
I've lapsed into total dementia
Room with no windows or doors