"Judgement Day" lyrics - ROYAL HUNT

"Judgement Day"

[Chapter June 2001 - And The Moon Be Still As Bright]

I don't need a reason - being who I am -
I don't need a reason to try to understand
Why we even bother, in the noman's land,
Killing one another. For what? Some rocks and sand?

But I'll stop that flow - I won't let it go

Everybody's losing for a little gain.
Everybody's choosing to walk away in pain
Wake me up, I'm dreaming - world's gone insane
I would give my life away, but who can stop the rain?

I swear I'll stop these bullets in the air,
I swear I won't walk away
My share's to be a tougher man to scare, my share -
Right to the dawn of Judgement Day
I know - it's hard to move against the flow, I know -
But I won't hide away
I'll go 'cross the desert, through the snow,
I'll go into the light of Judgement Day

I know this day will come and count the score.

Waiting for tomorrow I'd close my eyes and pray:
"Take my load of sorrow and all my fears away"
In a scary fashion nightmare reappears -
I can feel it coming and waking up in tears

Don't tell me lies, 'coz everybody knows what's goin'on
We're almost proud that our race is bad right to the bone
Can't you see - we're looking again, high and low,
For the world to destroy - like our own?