"World Wide War" lyrics - ROYAL HUNT

"World Wide War"

[Chapter August 2026 - There Will Come Soft Rains]

We're here to simplify your life forever man, you just don't know
How good your life is gonna be
Take every aspect of your day - computerize the place you stay
Just leave the thinking up to me

Technology within the walls around you
You never knew how much you needed our protection

1 - too many reasons
2 - the changing seasons
3 - the time has come to realize
3 - so sad and lonely
2 - you are the only
1 - countdown to World Wide War

"We've come to take away your brain and put computers in it's place"
You'll never hear these words from me
Just smile and sign away your life and kiss your holographic wife
You never dreamed it'd be so good

Technology will wrap it's arms around you
Just let our main frame show you love and affection

"Oh no, you're never gonna change the way I live my life"
We'll insert a chip in the place where your heart used to be
"Oh no, you're never gonna take my heart, my soul"
Tell your soul - we control these things.