"Surrender" lyrics - ROYAL HUNT


[Chapter April 2000 - The Third Expedition]

"Open up the window"-said the light-"See into another world"
Is it only a dream?
Voices sound familiar in the night...could this be reality?
Or is it all in my mind?

Why me? Could I just be "The One"? Or have I come undone?
Head in through the door and start to run straight into another life,
Dear old friends beside me
Never had a dream that's so surreal-could this be the end for me?
Am I losing my mind?

Still...I just stay. Can't run away-there's a price to pay

Look into the sky thru the naked eye, in a flash of light - surrender
Losing everything,soldiers march and sing. Distant bells will ring - surrender
Let the children cry-earth will breath a sigh in a blaze of light - surrender
They're taking everything. Demons dance and sing when the chimes will ring
The end is here

"Open up the window"-said the light-"Welcome to another world"
Dear old friends beside me
Voices so familiar every night - could this be reality?
Am I losing my mind?