"Sailin'" lyrics - SAMMY HAGAR


I've been up and down this highway
Feelin' washed up on the shore
But I can see the sun slowly risin' out there
And I count down one more

And with the world up off my shoulders
Hey, I can stand up straight and tall
And slip my feet back in those worn out shoes
And still make last call

And we go (sailin')
Mmm hmm, (sailin')
I wanna go (sailin')
On that magic ship we're on
Sail on sailor, sail on

To that place in my head
That simple place I've never been, no
They say the sun never goes down there
Raise the canvas to the wind

And we'll go (sailin')
I wanna go (sailin')
Hey, I wanna go (sailin')
Sailin' from the sunset till dawn
Sail on sailor, sail on
Mmm, sail on

I wanna go (sailin') (Cortez)
I wanna go (sailin') (Magellan)
Baby, let's go (sailin') (Christopher Columbus)
Oh, I wanna go sailin' (sailin') (Sir Francis Drake)
We gotta go sailin' (sailin')
I wanna go (Jacques Couteau) (sailin')
Have that wind in my face
Oh we go sailin', sailin' (sailin')
Sail on sailor, sail on
Let's go sailin'
'Cause I wanna go sailin'