"Sam I Am" lyrics - SAMMY HAGAR

"Sam I Am"

Well, tried to be your paper boy
Tried to be your boy scout
Tried to be your ice cream man

I could not be your soldier
Or even drive your bus
My skills weren't always that obvious

Yeah, but I hope you understand
I'll do the best I can
I ain't no perfect man but Sam I am

I'm a back-talking fighter
A silver bullet biter
I'm a flip-flop slider
And a guitar moonlighter

I'm your prove it all nighter
Your holy ghost writer
Pale of shade whiter
I'm your rock 'n' roll driver, oh yeah, oh yeah
That's all I am

I tried to be your oil man
Tried to be your big boss
Tried to be your broker but you took a loss

It's just a hopeless case
And I ain't no lawyer
I only got a few tricks I can show you

And I hope you understand it
I'll do the best I can
I ain't no Superman but Sam I am

And I'm a feel good doctor
A big bed talker
After midnight walker
Sitting on the bay docker

I'm a sunshine stalker
Hodaddy wave watcher
Heaven's door knocker
Blue, white and red rocker, oh yeah, oh yeah
That's all I am

Well, well listen

I tried to be everything to you
Yeah, but it would not do
I got nothing on my resume
But I can rock you and roll you each and everyday

Have mercy on me
I am not sorry
Believe me, it's easy
I'll do my best to be a

Straight shot shooter
A bad motor scooter
Sunny honeymooner
Your heavy metal crooner

Make you wanna holler
Shirt with no collar
Just wish I was a couple of inches taller
White, blue and red rocker, oh yeah, oh yeah

Uh, I say yeah, yeah, yeah
That's all I am
That's all I am
Baby, baby, baby
Sam I Am