"07/03/47" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET


Its not hard to fathom that we've been deceived
By those in power who deal in greed
Intelligent beings unable to breed
Hold technological secrets for humanities need
Sleeping victims this planet in slumber
Unaware of perdition they've fallen under
Audacious their action's, attrition we fall
Vaguely enslaved vexation to all
How long can they be in constant denial?
Deluding us all in default we're defiled
Contention is high as we stake our claim
Conviction is strong and it burns like a flame
How can this be of cosmic conspiracy?
Unknown event of abysmal euphony
How long will it be until its exposed?
Like the cover up of Kennedy is never disclosed
You skeptics wake up, their excuses are lame
Balloon and a dummy, their stories refrain
Evading questions they can't explain
Recreants continually lie


Inert its too late
They've dug our graves
Indignant fate
Hybridized prototypes
Eventually will arise

[Solos: JP, SK, JP, SK, JP]