"Mysteries Of Iniquity" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Mysteries Of Iniquity"

[Solo: SK]

Accosted with temptation
She pulls me to the floor
Hypnotized by idols, I lust forevermore
All flights of fantasy, and pleasure I do seek
Now thrown into the realms
She knows my flesh is weak

Maidens I lust for endless time
Damning the souls of all mankind
Ingesting poison from their wine
Ripping the harvest from the vine
Succubus seducing me
Engulfed in infidelity
Perverse erotic reality, mysteries of iniquity
Desire beckons me, a thousand regrets it shall be

Sweaty bodies fill the room
Their shadows on the wall
Indulging their desires
Heeding to their carnal calls
I waste no time the pleasures mine
To taste all through the night
I feel the heat take over me
Penetrating with its might

Intoxicating scent of women in the air
Animalistic instinctive fornication everywhere
Like serpents in a pile writhing all around
Muscles tense about to climax wailing eerie sounds
I'm drawn into this ecstasy
Knowing guilt will soon follow me
In bondage to my lust, as my soul fades into dust