"Goddess Arise" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Goddess Arise"

I saw her, rising up
Alive from earth, flowering in the sun
I had no one, would it be this way forever?
Afraid of her light, power from above

Frozen in trance, grasping the chance
Night would soon fall, weaving the spell
Our paths were woven, cloth of our souls
A feeling complete, a need for her shine

A bonding is formed, the joining as one
I'd never release, the charge that was stored


Darkness sweeps up from within
She won't be freed, there despair begins
Alive with fire that spreads throughout a soul
It won't be tamed, you'll never gain control

[Solos: JP, SK]

A cold winter fell, an icy pull on the land
I could feel the spell, had come to an end
To possess her soul, was foolish to try
You'll lose, before you'll begin
When the dried leaf, blows away to die
You'll remember her soul
The one you couldn't control