"Angels" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET


Come on and meet me tonight
Daylight could kill me
It is a sensual night
Come on I'll let you in
Don't be afraid of the dark
Don't be afraid no!
It is a way for us all
It is the only way

Here we are, you are the angels
Come on come on
Come on and join the free
Here we are, the angels of the night
Come on come on

A supernatural world
A super race
Magical freedom to rule
Magical places
Yes we will travel the earth
Travelling far away
It is a way for us all
It is the only way


Wish I could fly to the heavens all the time
Head down the sea with the fog
Across the deep
Calling your name
And begin the journey freed
It is demonios
They've come to take it all from me
Taking it all, taking it from me

Only the cross could burn and finish all
We are his gift
The lost children with no names
I saw his face
But the mirror shattered in
He is the evil one
And he enticed me his lair

Angels, angels in the night
You're in danger, danger in the night
Danger in the night, in the night